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Bringing the world of cycling together

Race organizations, riders, teams, federations, media - all of them make use of services and products of Cycling Service. Our company functions as a professional intermediary towards bringing about fruitful collaboration and partnerships in the world of bicycle racing, no matter where in the world. Our mediation, counsel, support, and online software all create a climate of top-level sports professionalism in which all parties, each with its own background and goals, can achieve optimal results.

 Are you a race organizer and want to entice a choice group of participants? Or are you looking to secure as much international media exposure as possible? Are you a team manager and you're looking for a digital solution for streamlining the management of your contracts? Or are you a league representative and seek professional advice? In these and many more cases, Cycling Service, headquartered in the Netherlands, is the choice for you. Our office is a world leader in creative mediation, bringing organizers, teams, racers, and leagues closer together and engendering a culture of professionalism in bicycle racing.

Cyclotivity 'between the wheels, any time, any place"

One of Cycling Service's most well-known and heavily-used services is its online system: Cyclotivity. Through the use of Cyclotivity, we have reduced the burden on countless clients. As a tool for organizational management, Cyclotivity sets the standard for international bicycle racing. With it you can save important agreements between organizations, teams, and racers. Riders can easily consult it in order to find out what their obligations are and which premiums and prize monies they could be in for. Teams use Cyclotivity to plan their seasons, to sign contracts with organizers, and to locate all the relevant information about any given race. There is practically no team or racer who either is not in our database or does not make use of it.

For the ambitious, professional organizer, Cycling Service offers a full suite of options. We bring all teams and racers together. Luring the big names, drawing up contracts, arranging hotels, and compiling start lists are all just part of Cyclotivity. Organizers can use it to see where they are financially. In other words, Cyclotivity takes a lot of administrative drudgery off your plate. And even more than that: it increases your visibility. More than seven hundred journalists from the international media are represented in Cyclotivity. Cyclotivity offers them efficient access to media accreditation.

Next future

Cycling Service is well known as an innovator and trailblazer, especially in Europe. We not only help with practical matters, we also provide solid advice. We are able to do this because we know the cycling market inside and out. For many of the most influential parties, Cycling Service is more than "just" a sounding board. Our company stays abreast of new developments and is regularly at the table with reputable representatives from the biggest (inter)national cycling organizations. We provide advice, solicited or not, for complex issues.

Our goal has remained the same ever since our founding: strengthening the world of bicycle racing, professionalizing and preparing for the next future. Our organization achieves this in a unique, differentiated, and, most importantly, effective manner. We are in a position to make a difference because of our deep contacts, our consideration of all the variables, our constant push for innovation, and most of all because of our boundless passion for bicycle racing. Our team of driven specialists, some of whom are former racers who are well established, is leading the way. Are you ready to hop on board?

Meet our colleagues

Cycling Service has a team of ambitious specialists, consisting some former professional riders, who will take the lead in the world of cycling. Here an overview of our colleagues:

John van den Akker

For years, John van den Akker (1966) rode for PDM and took part in the biggest tours and one-day races of the racing calendar. As a member of the Cycling Service team, he serves as the point man, the head honcho. Whether he's in touch with the most recent winner of the Giro or the Tour director, his relationships are always healthy. John knows 'em all. And they all know John. John is particularly loyal to his clients. He is our primary point of contact for riders and team. Additionally, he works on contracts and regulations.

Martin van Steen

Martin van Steen (1969) raced professionally for more than ten seasons. Among others, he rode for the successful team TVM. As a member of the Cycling Service team, he works tirelessly and with dogged persistence. When he needs to really lean in so that he can secure the best results possible for a client, he doesn't let up. He doesn't take the easy way out; if he sees a better route in the parcour for his client, then he takes it. Martin's primary function is to maintain contact with race organizations. Additionally, he is responsible for the development of Cycling Service's digital platforms

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