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Cycling Service has its eye on the international sporting media. Journalists from Spain to Japan, from the US to Argentina are all represented in our database, Cyclotivity, our digital program. There Cycling Service is able to offer sports journalists one central portal for media accreditation during race events. With just a few steps, media are able to register. Additional features, such as requesting a parking permit, are easily provided through this system. It just doesn't get any easier or more efficient than this.

Many of the races that Cycling Service represents make ample use of Cyclotivity's functionality. This means that they can access an event online through our system. Members of the media need only log in to Cyclotivity in order first to check the race program, the updated start lists - which riders are going to be there? - and to see the official media updates. Requesting accreditation and parking permits is easily processed through the system. And just to make it even easier for the media: you can submit multiple requests for accreditation all at the same time.

For more than seven hundred international sports journalists, Cyclotivity is a familiar and recognizable program. Are you a member of the media and not yet in our database? Set up your profile on our webpage. In order to be registered in our database of media contacts, you must submit a current id and an internationally-recognized press pass.

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