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As an organizer, you see a lot of unwise decisions. Agreements with teams must be drawn up, racers unions need to be there, the media want to get the scoop on the latest behind-the-scenes story, the planning and execution of the parcours and start and finish lines is an unprecedented but massive operation and afterwards there is more admin to deal with. Could it be made simpler? Of course! With the support of our digital module, Cyclotivity, we simplify the process hugely. Cycling Service is what you need.

Big shots on the starting line

What is professional cycling without teams and racers? Every race organizer has as their greatest wish to have the strongest possible field of racers on the starting line. It goes without saying that the bigger the names in the race, the more people will show up to watch it and the more sponsors you will attract. That's how an event becomes reality. Cycling Service bridges the gap between teams and race organizations. We know the market like no other, advise and are present from the very beginning to the end, and draw up contracts to the satisfaction of everyone.

Cycling Service operates in the centre of international sport's beating heart. Thanks to its incredible network, specialized knowledge of the market, and advanced approach, Cycling Service is the organization for connecting with the big shots in the peloton. In an era in which there is a huge variety of races on offer and racers are limited by the number of days they can race, an experienced intermediary can be of tremendous value. And the teams and racers? They put a premium on our approach. They know our people, they know that we represent a host of races and criteriums, and are happy that they are able to map out an efficient and expedient program.

Expediency and transparancy

With Cyclotivity we can be the key digital operative in your organization. This online program automates the processes in the background as much as possible and provides optimal service. Contracts are transparent and are digitally sent directly to the racers unions, the starting lists are easy to compile and to distribute, jury members see the latest updates quickly, and media contacts unfold speedily and smoothly. And to top it all off, generating invoices is so easy with our software that a child could do it. International races that want to reach the highest level cannot get by without Cyclotivity. Hundreds of competitions use it. And the number keeps growing.


As we all know, after the Tour de France there is a lot on the calendar: criteriums. Cycling Service mediates between the organizations and the racers and endeavours to have the absolute stars on the starting line. In the world of bicycle racing, there is no other mediating organization that knows the market as well as we do. Cycling Service is a market leader and lures the winners of the different Grand Tour jersey competitions to these criteriums.

Our people are experienced, have deep networks, and consult on the up-and-coming racers. With our knowledge of the market, we are able to instinctively discern whether a proposal is beneficial for an organization. Cycling Service draws up the contracts, ensures that the agreed-upon monies make it to the racers, and above all balances mutual interests. By doing this, the riders under contract can enjoy a worry-free, gratifying tenure, and you, as a crit organizer, will benefit from having enthusiastic ambassadors from the regional circuit in your ranks.

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