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Cycling Service operates in the heart of the world of racing. We connect with riders, team managers, race organizers, and the representatives of the largest umbrella race organizations and leagues. What does this mean for your federation? Well, with our experience and engagement, we are an invaluable advisor, instrumental in the future of worldwide bicycle racing. We raise our sport's level of professionalism and transparency and above all we make things a bit easier for everyone working in the world of cycling with our software. For your federation too!

Oftentimes Cycling Service serves as a value-added to enhance a league, especially with regards to providing support for deliverables in the pipeline. Cyclotivity, our digital program, offers some convenient features that will lighten the load for your staff. Cyclotivity will quickly provide jury members with last-minute changes in the start lists, it gives you unlimited access to contracts, and ensures that the admin related to bonuses is fully transparent. Cyclotivity has grown in the last few years to become the standard for the peloton. More and more clients - race events, riders, and related organizations - are familiar with our handy, time-saving software.

We add value to federations and related organizations, and this goes beyond just providing support on the operation side of things. Ever since our founding, we've been known as an innovator. Cycling Service brings clarity and professionalism. A strong, transparent racing world is our goal. Not infrequently, we are sitting at the table as an advisor alongside representatives of the largest international federations. We can do this because of our deep experience, our widespread network in the racing world, and our treasure trove of relevant data. We're happy to support your organization. We achieve this through creating a professional racing culture.

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